GSoC 2017 summary

Hi, everyone! I’m Akshay, a Google Summer of Code student working with Hydra (A Python Software Foundation sub-org). This summer, I mostly worked on 2 projects for Hydra:

It was a great experience and I loved working with Hydra CG. I got to learn a lot about Python, Semantic web, Hydra, Graph databases and many other things.

I’m very grateful to my mentors, Lorenzo and Kristian koci. They have been very responsive and helpful and it was great working with them. I would also like to thank Chris (a fellow student), it was a great experience collaborating with him.

Below is the summary and links to the work I did during the last 3 months.

GSoC Phase 1

During the first phase of GSoC I and @chrizandr worked on Hydrus.

Hydrus is basically a set of Python based tools for easier and efficient creation of Hypermedia driven REST-APIs. Hydrus utilizes the power of Linked Data to create a powerful REST APIs to serve data. Hydrus uses the Hydra(W3C) standard for creation and documentation of its APIs.

I wrote the following blog posts related to Hydrus and its architecture:

GSoC Phase 2 and 3

Once we had things working with Hydrus then we started working on different projects. I was in charge of the simulation to demonstrate the capabilities of Hydrus and Hydra Core vocabulary in general. I contributed to Hydrus development whenever I had time.

The simulation simulates the movements of a flock of drones that have as objective to detect the presence of fires or abnormal heat spots in a given geographical area using an infrared sensor.

I wrote the following blog posts related to the simulation:

The simulation consists of 4 repositories:

The Hydra Flock drone and Hydra Flock Controller are basically instances of Hydrus with a mechanics layer on the top to simulate the behavior of Drones and Central Controller.

The Hydra Flock GUI is a Javascript application that uses the data stored at the central controller and google maps to render the simulation in the browser.

Summary of work done

There were a lot of Pull Requests in different repositories. Most of them got merged but some of them were closed as we found some better alternative to do things.

  1. Pull requests created on the Hydrus repo

  2. Pull requests created on the Hydra Flock Demo repo

  3. Pull requests created on the Hydra Flock GUI repo

  4. Pull requests created on the Hydra Flock Drone repo

  5. Pull requests created on the Hydra Flock Central Controller repo

It was a great experience, I’m looking forward to contributing to the Hydra community and Hydrus and Hydra community whenever I get time.

Written on August 25, 2017