Finishing up!

So, we’ve reached the GSoC final evaluations period. In this post I’ll be summarizing in brief we’ve accomplished in the last 3 months.

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Building the simulation GUI

So last week, we’ve been working on a GUI for our Simulation. We’re almost done, the gui looks neat.
We’re using a simple flask server, JQuery, gmaps.js, toastr.js and bootstrap.

Here are a couple of images of the simulation GUI I’ve been working on:

Gui image 1

Gui image 2

Gui image 3

Gui image 4

If you want a sneak to the project, here’s the organisation’s Github link.
There are four repositories for the simulation:

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GSoC Phase 2

So, we passed the GSoC phase 1 evaluations. Now, that we have a Generic Hydra Server ready, things are getting a little more interesting. We’re working a Forestry Patrol Simulation using multiple Hydra servers and clients.

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